Monday, November 17, 2014

Four Seasons Manicure (with a bonus 5th season some of you will know well)

Hi everyone! Today I have a stamping manicure for you that represents the four seasons. Well, five, but I'll explain that in a minute. I love double stamping ever since the first time I saw Laurie over at Dressed Up Digits do it a long time ago, so every time I can, I try to squeeze some into a manicure. Since this one is for my stamping group on facebook, it is an excellent excuse to do some double stamping. ;)

I used so many different polishes and stamps for this, I'm just going to list them out at the bottom of this post. If anyone has any questions or wants more detail, just ask in the comments. So, you may be noticing that gray thumb and wondering what that is supposed to be. We have a season here between winter and spring that I refer to as "slush disaster". My husband calls it "crippling depression". It is freezing cold and there is slushy snow and water everywhere. The sky is always cloudy and grey and you start to wonder if you will ever see the sun again. And this goes on for MONTHS. I thought a grey nail with clouds and blowing wind would represent this well. It really does feel like its own season here in northeast Ohio.

Here are the polishes and plate I used in this manicure, by finger:
  • Pinky - Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow, Sally Hansen Lemon Zest, BM21 & BM01
  • Ring - Barielle Joytini, butter LONDON Chuffed, MoYou Sailor 07, BM04 & RA-118
  • Middle - N.O.P.I. Pros & Confidence, butter LONDON Airy Fairy, Konad m63, BM114 & RA-119
  • Index - Sally Hansen Perfect Pear-ing, China Glaze Paper Chasing, RA-102 & Cheeky B21
  • Thumb - Julep Dendrie, NYC Tribeca Silver, Konad m79 & MoYou Sailor 07
  • The final stamp on each nail was done using Konad Special White polish
Thank you so much for looking and make sure you see what everyone else did for the seasons!

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