Thursday, October 2, 2014

Designs by Zazzles Bracelet Review

I know my blog is always about nailpolish, but today I want to show off a lovely piece of jewelry I received from the talented Designs by Zazzles. I won this bracelet in a giveaway, and it is so pretty I just had to show it off here.

It is a chainmaille bracelet, and was custom made to fit my wrist. It has the prettiest clasp I have ever seen and a cute clover charm - the cool thing about the charm is that it is removable, so I can switch it out for another if I want to. I have gotten sooo many complements on this. I've worn it four times so far, and every time, I had at least 2 people ask me about it. I know several girls who can't wait for this Etsy shop to open. :) Here is that lovely clasp and cute clover charm I was talking about.


Well thanks as always for stopping by to read my blog, and a big thank you for the bracelet. It is beautiful! Please make sure you check out Designs by Zazzles' Etsy shop - she is a talented girl and I can tell that she puts a lot of hard work and care into her jewelry.

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