Monday, June 3, 2013

Birthday Haul!

Hey guys! I told you I would get this posted eventually, and decided to make it my first order of business now that I am done with challenges for a while. I got a TON of nail stuff for my birthday that I was so excited to share with you all. Well, better late than never, right?! Check this out!

I got a surprise package in the mail which turned out to be from my aunt! She sent me The New Black Runway Collection and two of the Nails Inc. Feathers polishes - Cornwall and Brighton. Thanks again, Auntie Laura!

I went to Sally's Beauty Supply with my birthday coupon, and they hand Seche Vite for $5.99, so I picked up two bottles, and China Glaze was buy two get one free, so I ended up with the Holographic beauties - Infra Red, Get Outta My Space, and Take a Trek.

Birthday coupons are a dangerous thing...I picked up twelve - yes I said twelve! - polishes from butter LONDON. I've been wanting to get myself some of these for SO long, so I went for it! Pictured above we have Knees Up, Victoriana, Scallywag, Fiddlesticks, Fishwife, and Disco Biscuit. I've already worn all of these except for Knees Up and Disco Biscuit, but they will get their day in the sun. Don't you worry! :)

They had these Christmas packs on sale for $12.99, so I pretty much couldn't say no. This is Shambolic, Jack the Lad, and Scuppered.

Oh my - I love my butter LONDONs! This is Rosie Lee, Fairy Cake, and The Black Knight. Happy birthday to me!

Birthday coupons from Sephora meant that I had to claim my free gifts from Benefit (awesome mascara plus highlighter call Lighten Up, which I pretty much can't live without now), my three free samples, and a big bottle of face wash for my Clarisonic. Woo! Oh and of course, nailpolish - see below.

I also got the Disney Jasmine collection of minis, plus two new polishes from Sephora by OPI. This is Caught With My Khakis Down and What a Broad. 

And last, but not least, my sweet husband bought me a few polishes too! He picked out the OPIs himself - nice job, right?! This is Tiffany Case and DS Luxurious. He knew I wanted those Essie polishes, so he got the for me too (Where's My Chauffeur and Marshmallow)! Yay!

Hope you enjoyed this post. Please let me know if you are interested in seeing future haul posts like this one. Maybe I will start doing it more often! Have a great week!

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