Sunday, September 30, 2012

Jelly Stamp-wich

A while back, while explaining what a jelly sandwich, or glitter sandwich, was to my mom, she wondered what would happen if you stamped a design between layers of jelly polish. I got to wondering how that would look, too, and it turns out it looks pretty darn good. :) I did a simple design, but one I will definitely be wearing all week. I love it!

Thanks to my mom for purchasing the Zoya Gloss Collection and letting me borrow it for this mani. I couldn't decide which color to use, but I finally settled on Katherine. This color is very pretty. Here it is all by itself. This is three coats.

 I used Konad Special White Polish for the stamping and then did one more coat of Katherine. Here is the mani before I added my final coat of Katherine. This is Cheeky plate M70 which I won in a giveaway from the always fabulous Lizzy of  The Do It Yourself Lady! Thank you!!

I tested out all my ideas for various color combinations on paper. Here is a picture of how they turned out.

You'll probably be seeing another one of these soon, because I promised my mom I would give her a Jelly Stamp-wich too. :) Thanks for stopping by!


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