Sunday, July 13, 2014

Julep May It Girl Box + Plie Wand Review

I received the May box a month ago, and have finally gotten around to swatching both colors while testing out the Plie Wand that they sent with them.

I honestly wasn't too excited about the Plie Wand. I tried it because I figured why not...but it didn't really seem like anything special. I didn't notice an improvement in my painting, or the comfort of the wand. I do however, think that it would be good for fine detail or dotting, but I already have long-handled fine brushes and dotting tools. I wanted to like it and be all impressed...but it just didn't happen. Maybe I will give it a go again at some later point. If my opinion changes, I will let you all know! Here is a (bad) picture of the Plie Wand in action.

This is Kam. It is a nice pale dusty green cream. It had a great formlua, but was thin, so it took three coats to get it to opacity.

And here is Jules. It is a nice pastel pink, but again, it was super thin, which frustrates me when the polish is so slow to dry. Of course, Seche Vite took care of that, so I guess it's not that big of a deal.

Thanks for looking. I already have the June and July boxes and will *try* to be quicker about getting those pretties reviewed. Oh also, I may not be getting these monthly anymore now that my husband is in school full time, the finances just aren't there for this unneccessary monthly expense. I have more than enough nailpolishes to tide me over until he graduates anyway. ;) Hopefully they won't have any nailpolishes that I just have to own over the next few months. heehee

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