Monday, May 26, 2014

The Neverending Pile Challenge - Untried Stamping Plates

Well I'm nearly late again - as usual. I had to really dig through my plates to find an untried one that I actually wanted to try. I suppose I should really try out more of these because this one actually turned out to be pretty good. I used Bundle Monster stamping plates BM05 and BM14 and two previously unused polishes from Julep: Courteney and Leah.

This is Courteney all by itself. They are a couple of really pretty greens. I had no complaints about the formula either. Both of these were great and Courteney went on in two coats.

Thanks for looking and make sure you check out what everyone else did!


  1. Love the two tone mani! I should have joined this one - I have a ton of untried plates!

    1. Thanks - just use untried plates for another challenge! Kill two birds with one stone! :P


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