Monday, April 21, 2014

Rainbow Honey: the Final Battle Swatches & Review

I had received this gorgeous little trio of polishes from Rainbow Honey this past November, and had so much going on, I had not gotten a chance to swatch them. After the craziness of the holidays, I ended up almost forgetting about them completely. But then, as I was going through my drawers of polish for the Golden Oldie Thursday and Neverending Pile challenges, I re-discovered them. I feel just awful for not showing them off here, sooner. Especially since I received them from Rainbow Honey for no cost. I am going to do them some justice here and now though, because they are just beautiful, and I know you all will love them.

They came in this adorable little box and had a pamphlet to go with them showing off all the colors in the collection and explaining what they were meant to represent. As an avid video game player, when these babies arrived in the mail, I knew exactly what they were - I played almost all of the Final Fantasy games, except for the ones that they did not make for Xbox360, as I stopped playing the Sony consoles after our PS2 died. I am such a sucker for pretty packaging.

These polishes did not disappoint. I loved all of them. I received Soldier, Tidal Wave, and Ultimate Weapon. These brought me back to my PSone days where I played Final Fantasy Tactics for probably two years and never got sick of it. :P Here is what Soldier looked like. It is a dark gunmetal silver mix of different sized glitters. I painted it here over top of O.P.I. My Boyfriend Scales Walls. It went on in two thin coats, and I had no problem with the formula at all.

Next, we have Ultimate Weapon. It is a dark purple shimmer and was so sparkly in the sun. This polish was awesome, and went on very smooth. I believe this was three thin coats.

Last, and defintely not least, is Tidal Wave. This was my favorite out of the bunch. I love teal, and glitter, so I basically was head over heals for it. :) I wanted it to be opaque enough to not show a line at my finger tip, since it is a jelly, so I did three coats for this one as well. The formula on this one was great, too. I LOVE it and have to ration it out slowly, so I don't run out. :P

Thank you so much for stopping by today. I hope you enjoyed my belated review of this Rainbow Honey trio. :)

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