Sunday, July 21, 2013

July's Julep It Girl Box

Good morning! Sorry I keep falling off the face of the Earth - I just have so much going on and only 2 classes (1 semester!!!) left of school so I'm working my booty off trying to finish out with a good GPA. :) Anyway you should be proud of me for posting my July box in July, because that in itself is a rarity! I really liked the colors in the box, and one in particular has quickly become one of my new favorites. Check it out!!

Ok, so as always, the package was super cute. I love it - it feels like every month I'm getting a little birthday present and its always a surprise!

Yay for cute packaging! Now, on to the colors. I'm going to start out with the first one that I tried, which is Nadia. This color doesn't look like much in the bottle, but on a sunny day, it has this awesome golden shimmer. My flash caught it a bit, but unfortunately we didn't have any sun for a while there - it just kept raining!

Next up, is Angela. This one is too dark for summer in my opinion, but a really lovely color and I think I will get lots of use out of this one come fall and winter! It's a duochrome and changes from a dark teal to purple and even looked navy in some lighting. I didn't have much time on my hands, so I didn't have the time to mess with 400 pictures in different lighting, but I think you can see the color change a bit around the edges of my nails in this pic.

Last, id\s my absolute favorite of the bunch. It's my new favorite glitter (at least for now)! Her name is Tracy and boy is she gorgeous. I couldn't stop looking at my hands while I had this one on! This polish goes on in a matte/satiny finish, and is a bit textured without topcoat.

And here it is with topcoat, so you can see it shiny too. I don't know which way I like it better - it's just soooo sparkly!

Well, that is all. I'm really pushing my limits lately, and haven't been putting as much time into nail art as I did last summer, but I really want to do well in school, and I've also been working on losing (just a little bit) of weight, so I've been putting a lot of time into going running and doing my beloved Jillian Michaels DVDs. I've been painting my nails a lot though, so you will be seeing more swatching, and maybe some simple stamping or decals from me in the next few weeks. I'll be on vacation in early August, so I'm thinking about looking for some guest posts during that time, so you guys don't forget about my little blog while I'm gone. Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I agree - don't like the glitter Tracy at all either...but then I am not a huge glitter fan - burned out on glitter and when I do get it on, I get tired of it unless it's just on a ring finger and I want to change out ASAP in a day which is not what glitter is about 'cause it makes polish last longer and is sooo hard to get off as everyone knows. I am jealous that it's raining...I love the rain and when it's no sun - I could live in England or anywhere it's like that a lot of the yr with no problems...where I am it's not hot like most of the US is been but we will get there before too long and it's not at all what I can deal with - anything over 65 and I am roasting. I like the gold/yellow on - it's kind of mustard and that's a shade I wear well but don't have many of.


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