Monday, August 20, 2012

Geek Nail Challenge Day 3 - Games & Gaming

This one was easy. I have been playing a great game on Xbox called Elder Scrolls VI: Skyrim. It is awesome. I love it so much, I have been playing since the day it came out. Of course I don't get to play every day, but I have put in more time than I care to admit. If you are a gamer, I highly recommend it. :) Take a look at what I came up with!

Heh heh. So now you will find out just how lame I really am. And by lame I mean awesome. :) On my thumb, we have a dragon flying across the sky. If you have not played Skyrim, you need to see it, just purely for the enjoyment of looking at your surroundings in the game. At night sometimes there is this awesome Aurora Borealis looking thing going on and it is just beautiful. That is what I was trying to represent. I painted the nail first with essie go overboard, then added my lights in the sky using Pixi Opal Sheen, Sally Hansen Hi-Def, Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet and Pure Ice Frosted Ice Iris. Then I painted the moon on using Pure Ice Super Star! and Kiss Me Here. After that, I just painted in the dragon silhouette using YSL Shiny Black.

On my index finger, I am representing the skill constellation for lockpicking. This is the one that I leveled up to 100 first. I LOVE opening treasure chests. :) I used Sinful Colors Last Chance for the base, then sponged on OPI Just Spotted The Lizard and Sally Hansen Hi-Def. Then I just added the detail using Pure Ice Super Star!, Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet, Zoya Arizona and Zoya Pippa.

On my middle finger, I did the Skyrim symbol from the packaging of the game. This is YSL Shiny Black with Julep Harley, which by the way, is one of their good polishes.

On my ring finger, I did one of my favorite parts of the game. I remembered this from playing through Oblivion and was super excited when the courier gave it to me. It is called the black hand...and says "we know" underneath. You get this if/when you choose to murder someone in the game. It is basically your clue that you are going to be invited to the Dark Brotherhood - which basically is just a group of assassins. I did this by painting my nail first with Sinful Colors Nirvana and then sponging over it with Zoya Pippa, then I added my details with YSL Shiny Black.

Last, we have my pinky. On this finger, I am representing the first part of the shout that I find I use the most in the game. It's called Ice Form and freezes your enemy. It's very handy when I am getting my butt kicked by some crazy dragon or something. I did this by starting with a coat of Julep Harley, then I sponged on Pure Ice Kiss Me Here and YSL Shiny Black. After that, I added my detail in Pure Ice Super Star!.

I am actually super happy with how this mani turned out. I worked really hard on this one and a game this awesome, seriously deserves a great tribute. This is the best thing I could come up with. :) Here is a bit of a swatch I did, so you can see the base colors I used by themselves.

Thank you so much for looking, and be sure to check out what the other bloggers did!


  1. Ahhhh love love love this!!! Haha, sorry just had a major geek moment. Check mine out tomorrow, I think you'll find a similar theme ;] I just need sun to take pictures!
    This mani is awesome, my favorite is the constellation! Great job :]
    /geek rant

    1. Haha thank you! I seriously adore this game. :) I saw your post and I love it!!

  2. Wow great job ~ I don't know this game but love all the detail and the symbol on the middle finger is very cool.


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