Thursday, June 14, 2012

Copy Cat Sat - Nailasaurus

You may be wondering why you are reading a Copy Cat Sat on a Thursday night. Well why not? Oh right, because it's supposed to be done on Saturdays...Well, I've told you before, I am late quite frequently. I didn't want you to feel like you missed out last Saturday, and I had a little time today, so here you go.

This one is from Nailasaurus. It is because of her, that I have done my first successful gradient. So, yay! I love the way this looks, and I'm probably going to do a bunch of these in the future. It's not perfect, but it's definitely better than any of the other attempts I have made. :) This is Revlon Colorstay Cafe Pink and Spoiled Distant Memory.

A little side on Revlon Colorstay in Cafe Pink: It's kind of bad. I mean, the color is very nice, and I have used it before dotting over other colors without a problem. But when it comes to actually painting the whole nail this color, ugh. It went on very streaky/patchy. I had to do three coats to get it all to look (somewhat) even, and it just really didn't want to go on nicely. If I wasn't in such a hurry, I would have needed even more coats to look perfect, but I knew I was just going to cover it up with something else, so I didn't worry about it. Also, by day 2, even with topcoat, it had chipped up pretty bad. It was just all-around a yucky experience. Here it is on it's own - this is day two, so you can see it is chipped up, and has some tip wear.

I also wanted to show you how I kept cleanup to a minimum - tape of course! I taped off my nails, like you would for a water marble. When I was done, I only had a very small amount around the cuticle to clean up. Here's a picture of my nails all taped off.
Here's a pic of my work area, and what the sponges looked like when I was done.

Now, here is a picture of a booboo. Haha - in one spot on my thumb, I apparently taped over the nail by mistake. I was tired, so I'm not surprised. :) I am sharing this just as a reminder to be careful when taping off your nails to keep the tape off the actual nail. You would think this could go without saying, but if it happened to me, it will happen to someone else. Or at least that's what I would like to think. :)

Oh and also, I am happy to inform you that all the boring nails and hustle and bustle has paid off. I found out yesterday afternoon that I got the job I was interviewing for. Yay me! I am still working for the same company, because I love it there. It's just in a different department, where I get to learn some new things, use the skills I have learned so far in college, and get paid a little more (yay for that!). So, hopefully that can explain to a little bit about why I don't dedicate as much time to this blog as some other bloggers do. I just have a lot going on, but I love doing my nails, and I still need that time out, so you will definitely still see many more posts from me.


  1. These nails look fabulous, i love the pinks and greens that have been used :)

    Hello, I'm from Rachel's Blog Hop on island Girls insights,

    I'm a new follower of yours, and i love your blog - if you'd like to follow back my blog link is

  2. I love most of the Revlon polishes that I own except for the ColorStay ones for the same reason as you. They are really good for stamping though. It's too bad about Cafe Pink because it is very pretty. I love your gradient.

    1. Yeah all my other Revlons are good too. I'll keep in mind that they are good for stamping. I don't want to feel like I can't use this one ever again. Thanks!


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