Friday, June 15, 2012

Blog Hop & A Little Stamping Over Yesterday's Mani

I am participating in a blog hop and have already discovered a couple of new blogs that look like they are going to become some of my favorites! To join in on the blog hop, visit Island Girl Insights.
Island Girl Insights
I decided my gradient looked too boring after the initial excitement of success wore off. :) I decided it was time to play with some of my new Mash plates. This is Mash-45 stamped in white over my gradient from yesterday.

Oh also, I tested out an image from Mash-42 over this gradient on my thumb and I totally hate it. It reminds me of the bathroom at a Taco Bell..from the 90's. Ick. This stamp would probably look awesome over some neons, though. I'll have to try that eventually.

I will try to have an actual Copy Cat Sat for you tomorrow, so we will see. I've got lots going on! I also have to do a mani for my 10 Day/Week challenge. I may have to change the name to 10 Day/Week/Month challenge. Whoops.


  1. Love the Mash-45 stamp! Very pretty!

  2. OOhhhh, I Lu-Huv the swirly stamping design, it looks so pretty and girly over your gradient!!!

    1. Thanks! I'm loving this one too. Still have it on after 3 days. :)


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