Saturday, January 3, 2015

Year in Review: Top 10 Posts

Hello again. I am taking some time to work on my blog and thought it would be a good idea to actually use my google analytics to see what my most popular posts were this year. Some of them came as no surprise, but others were a total surprise to me. I am excluding the two giveaways I did this year, as they were only popular because people like free stuff. Let's see what the people of the internet have voted on. :)

My top post was a total surprise to me. It is actually from 2013, but apparently people were very into these two polishes from Nails Inc. This post contained a couple swatches of Nails Inc Fibre Optic and Galaxy polishes. They were quite lovely, so I can see why people were searching for swatches of these two pretties.

Next up, was a post from 2 years ago that resurfaced when a certain loveable TV commercial personality posted these on her facebook page. Yep, it is my Progressive nail art. It's Flo-approved! ;)

Progressive Insurance Manicure With Flo

My third most popular post this year was also an older post, from Halloween 2012. It's just a simple red gradient, but red is classic, so people like it.

Ruby Red Gradient Manicure

My fourth most popular post was actually from this year - yay! It was my review of the three gorgeous polishes I received from Rainbow Honey's Summer Mixtape collection. No surprise there, the polishes were all gorgeous!

My fifth most popular post was another mani I did from Halloween 2012. This mani is super popular on pinterest and most of the hits I get come from there. I have to say, I really did love this mani. It reminds me of dinosaur eggs. :)

Green and Purple Matte Dotticure

My sixth most popular post was one of favorite manis from this year. It was my stained glass stamping decals that I painstakingly painted for hours. I guess the hard work was worth it!

My seventh most popular post was a total shocker to me. As part of the Neverending Pile challenge, we all had to post a manicure using a frost polish. I guess my attempt at making a frost look good has worked! :P

My eighth most popular post was from 2012, but is still one of my most favorite manicures. Apparently, the internet world agrees. It is my Skyrim manicure. This game has a pretty big fan base, and we all like to nerd out on all things Skyrim, so I attribute all the internet love to that.

My ninth most popular post was from the same challenge that the Skyrim nails came out of. My xbox controller nails have been super popular this year. The majority of people who looked at them were referred from pinterest, where these babies have been repinned hundreds of times. Told you those video game people love to nerd out on this stuff! I do too. :)

Xbox Manicure

And last, we have my Minecraft nails. Again, I owe all of this to pinterest. We nerds love pinterest. These nails are old too. I did this manicure in 2013, but it has been circulating online this whole time. I'm pretty sure it is fueled by the popularity of Minecraft with little kids. I'm telling you, though, if you sit down and try this game out from half an hour, you will be hooked, no matter how old you are!

Minecraft Manicure

I have to say, I was a little disappointed that so many of my most popular posts for this year were actually old posts, but I guess that means I need to crank up the awesome in 2015. :) Wish me luck!

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