Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Laid-Back NEW31DC Day 24 - Inspired By A Game

Ahhhh! I've been waiting for this day to arrive! Now, those of you who have been following me for a while, you know I am a gamer. I LOVE video games. I do (somewhat) have priorities though, so I don't put in as much game time as I would like. BUT, I got all my homework done early this weekend, so I could have the time to do some decent nail art (and celebrate my birthday, coincidentally)! So, without further ado, here is my Minecraft mani! Yay!

I love the way this mani turned out. So. Much.

Minecraft Manicure

I absolutely adore Minecraft - I can't really explain it. I just can't stop digging. And building things.  :)

So now for an explanation of each of the nails. On my index we have a creeper. I hate these stupid things. Because they do just that - they creep up on you and then you die and your house has a giant hole in it.

Minecraft Creeper Manicure

Next, we have my middle finger, with one of my favorite tools. Yep, the pickaxe - I LOVE digging. I seriously just can't stop.

Minecraft Pickaxe Manicure

On my ring finger, we have some of the local fauna. Heehee - little block pig. So cute, and a great source of food. :)

Minecraft Pig Manicure

On my pinky is something I simply cannot live without. Because when it gets dark, the monsters come out...and I need to see where I'm going, or die. When I'm in a cavern, I light that thing up like a Christmas tree, because I am terrified of the dark. Thank goodness for torches.

Minecraft Torch Manicure

And last, on my thumb, I have recreated one of my favorite scenes - look at all that stuff to dig!!! It's my least favorite nail, but I tried to recreate the entrance to a cavern as best as I could. :)

Overall, I am pretty happy with this one. And it was so much fun to really take some time and really do some decent nail art that I love.

Make sure you check in on what the rest of the girls did! There's bound to be some other gamers out there!