Sunday, April 7, 2013

Laid-Back NEW31DC Day 19 - Your Favourite Polish

Oh my. Favorite polish. That is like trying to choose your favorite child, or your favorite pet, or your favorite ice cream. Come on now, they are all wonderful!!! But, I did. Or at least I tried. The polish I chose, I am labeling as my favorite for many different reasons. For the way the formula just glides on like magic, for the sheer gorgeousness of the color, for the fact that this polish is 5 free and therefore I do not choke while I am happily painting away, because my sweet, beautiful little sister gave it to me after poring through my lengthy wishlist, and well just because this polish makes me happy. :)

Here it is, I present to you Zoya Ivanka. This color is gorgeous and overlooked too much because miss Aurora caused such a hubub at the time. But, look. This polish is magical. It's Christmas wishes, the sunlight sparkling on a lush lake, like crushed emeralds on my fingertips. LOVE IT. So there you have it. Zoya Ivanka is the best nailpolish my collection anyway. :)

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