Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July Julep It Girl Box - With Extras

Well, I had ditched Julep for a while, but this month, I saw I had enough Jules to get the box plus a couple add-ons, and I liked the colors, so I went for it! Do you guys like how I have this ridiculous quantity of Jules all the time lately? haha

Anyway, I was pretty into the colors this month, and then saw the add-on options and said "yep I need some of those". So, I got myself 6 polishes this month as a result (if you ordered 2 add-ons, you got Ilsa as a free bonus). I also used an add-on to get their cuticle cream. You can never have enough cuticle cream. I am literally more than halfway through the bottle of cuticle oil I got from Rainbow Honey two months ago...and I've been using it interchangeably with my Burt's Bees!

The first color I have to show you is Juliana. This is a coral metallic, almost frost-like polish. It was thin, and took 3 coats to become opaque. Not my favorite polish ever, but it's unique in my collection, so I like that. The formula itself was good. It was not streaky and went on smooth.

Next, I have Alyssa. This is a pastel teal cream. This one had a really nice formula and was very opaque. I did two coats, but I think I could have gotten away with just one thick coat. I like it - it's minty. It's not unique, though, so it's not the most thrilling color ever, to me haha.

Next up is Mara. This polish is one of the stardust finish polishes. It is a sparkly textured polish, that I am a bit of a sucker for, to tell the truth. This one was a bit lackluster though. The sparkle wasn't sparkly enough for me, but I will say that the formula was nice on this one. This is two smooth coats.

Next, is Ilsa. This one is insanely opaque. It went on in just one coat. It is a super dark blurple cream. I really like it, although I would not wear it until fall/winter, unless of course it works in some nailart. The formula was perfection.

Next, we have Magdalene. This is a pretty shimmery, metallic blue. It's very ocean-esque. This one had a great formula, too. It was very smooth. I did two coats here.

Last, we have Queen Anne. This is probably my favorite of the bunch. It went on in two smooth coats despite the mega-quantity of glitters, and dried to a satiny finish.

I added topcoat here to show what it looked like shiny. The bottom picture is outside in the sun to show off the holo sparkles a bit better.

Thank you so much for stopping by today. I got the August box because the colors were awesome. Hopefully it was a good decision. I'm out of Jules now, so I am going to be more picky about the boxes each month. They reeled me in with the August box with another stardust finish polish. I'm such a sucker! Ha! Have a great evening!

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