Friday, July 4, 2014

The Neverending Pile Challenge - Free Polish - 4th of July!

Hi all! Of course I had to make my free choice day a 4th of July manicure! I have a lot of celebrating to do today, so this will be brief.

This is Julep Scarlett for the base. I stamped with Konad Special White using an image from Mash-49. I then filled in some of the stars with Julep Carly. Scarlett and Carly were both given to me by my aunt who didn't want the colors. They work perfectly for today! Yay America! :)

Here is Scarlett all by herself. This is a gorgeous bright red with flakies in it. It's a bit of a jelly, too. I did three coats here to reach opacity.

Off to a picnic - everyone have a safe and happy holiday! And to all of my readers elsewhere, have a wonderful day!