Thursday, July 24, 2014

June Julep It Girl Box

Hi all - this is it. My June box came back on 6/2, and I'm finally getting around to having all of these pretties swatched. This month's box came with pixi stix, which I have only eaten one of, but I plan to enjoy the other two slowly over the next month or so. :) Woo!

I've noticed that I am winding up with way too many metallics from Julep lately.  I have nothing against metallics, but shoot. I vote for more purples and glitters please! :D This is another reason why I plan to skip for a while. I just have so many Julep polishes and the rest of my stash is suffering. I need to save my money up and then maybe come back for some polish ONLY when they have a set of colors that I really need. NEED. That may be harder than it sounds.

Anyway, overall I liked these colors. Surprise, surprise. Julep, you are going to make me poor! I'm going to start off with my favorite. Why not?? I am so in love with all of their Stardust Finish polishes. This lovely teal one is called Jennine. She's a beaut.

Here she is with topcoat - so sparkly!

Next up, we have Phia. It is a dusty, purple shimmer, with gold flecks. It went on nicely, too, unlike the last couple of polishes I received from Julep. Since it was so thin, it took 3 coats, but it built up very nicely.

Last, is the metallic of the bunch, Savoy. I really just don't like metallics much because they are so streaky. I hate fighting my polish as I'm putting it on...I just want to wear the darn thing and enjoy the painting process. Is that too much to ask? Alright enough complaints, let me say what I do like about this polish. It's a different shade of gold than many of the others I have...leaning more tan than yellow. It was not too thin, and only took two coats, which I liked.

But those streaks...ugh. I'm just not a fan...and the polish stayed soft for several days even after Seche Vite. It kept denting, and you can see one of those dents on my thumb nail which I got hours after I had finished painting (I didn't take my photos until the next day). Boo for this one.

Well that is all for now. I caved and got the July box because it had a teal, a nice blue, and another Stardust polish. I'll have that review up soon, hopefully before the end of July! Thanks for looking!

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