Friday, June 3, 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Weddings

Woo happy Friday! Guys, I actually have my post done on a Friday for once in my life. :P Yes, it's pretty late on a Friday, but it's Friday darnit. This week's theme is weddings, and I came up with this idea to stamp over top of a sheer polish and then add a french tip. It sounded pretty good in my head...but in practice, not so much. So, I'm sticking with the stamping minus the french tip.

I painted my nails using Sally Hansen She Sells, which is a Pearl Crush polish. It's kind of a weird polish. I feel like it looks odd on it's own, but it makes a good base for this manicure, I think. Here it is on it's own. This is three coats. The large glitters were a bit of a pin, but fishing was not required since there are a ton of them in there. If anything, I felt like I got too many at times and had to put them back in the bottle haha.

Here is what it looked like after my botched french tip. I used some stickers that I got for free somewhere and it shows. They did not work well or make a crisp line like vinyls do. I also should have just chosen a straight line here. The shape of the french tip did not work well with the stamping at all. I'm just a hot mess here.

Anyway, thank you so much for stopping by! Please make sure you take a peek at what everyone else did. There are bound to be some really pretty, delicate manis in there!

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