Sunday, November 15, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Your Job

Oh my job...I don't have a job that felt easy to translate to nail art, like a nurse/doctor, or a veterinarian, or a teacher, or a firefighter. In fact, I think I will have to take on the difficult task of explaining what I do in order for my nails to make any sense...and even then I'm not sure it will. :P So, I work in what is known in the industry as workforce management. Specifically I am responsible for real-time operations for my division. Basically, I am the person that makes sure that we have enough people staffed in our call center in every 30 minute interval of every day to answer a certain percentage of the calls that come in. Yay! Fun times! So, needless to say, my life at work revolves around spreadsheets, watching call routing statistics and trends, contingency planning, and getting angry at people for not following their schedules haha. They really just have no clue how much they mess me up every day with their random smoke breaks and unplanned meetings. I need to CONTROL them hahaha. Ok anyway, since none of you know what I am blabbering about (or if somebody does, PLEASE come commiserate with me!), I will get on to an explanation of the nailart. Since my day revolves around my constant use of Excel, trends, charts, and lots of math, I decided to try to put some of what I do in Excel onto my nails. I decided the easiest (I know, cop-out) thing to do would be a chart. Charts and trends are like my whole existence. If my forecast about the number of calls that are going to come in each interval is wrong, the whole day is wrong, and I will not be able to meet my goal for our abandon rates. The one that I decided to use for my nail art is a control chart. If you have taken statistics 101, you know what this thing is, but you may not want to remember lol. Basically, this is where all the data is represented with each number as a point in the chart. The center line and the lines above and below it, represent the area where you were "in control". These are the days that we met our goal or were within an acceptable range of our goal. The points outside the lines (above the upper control limit, or below the lower control limit) are bad days. The latest examples I have of bad days are: a call center shutting down due to a tornado, a system issue where our call center representatives could not help customers until systems came back up, or just being over the forecasted amount of calls and therefore, understaffed. Don't ask me how I wound up doing this job haha. I just need money to pay for all the things that I want! Anyway, on to the nail art!

When I make charts and graphs for myself, I make them colorful. So this is not a representation of what I would share with my coworkers in a meeting, but something I would create strictly for my own use. :)

The white base I used for this manicure is Confetti Wedding White. Each data point, and the line connecting them were drawn using Zoya Isa, and the Upper and Lower Control Limits (dotted line) were done using Zoya Lola.I'll be swatching them at some point in the future. It is so cool to learn about what every one in our group does for a living. Check out all of our jobs and related nail art below!

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