Monday, June 8, 2015

MoYou Suki XL 06 Nailart Inspired By Something In My Home

Oh my goodness you guys, I totally fell off the face of the earth there for a minute! I took my hubby on a trip for his birthday and then had my sister-in-law in town for a baby shower, so I was busy, busy, busy. I just couldn't be bothered to post even though I was still doing my nails! But, the itch is back as always. Must be all of the kindness I always see from all of you fabulous ladies and gents! I think I needed the break, too, because this is the most cheerful post intro I have ever written! haha

Anyway, I did this mani as part of The Stamping Plate Challenge, but since I am much too late for that, it's just random now I suppose. I used a sake bottle by dad brought home for me from Japan. He thought it was pretty and I'm inclined to agree. :) I keep it on a shelf with all of my other Japan knicknacks that he has given me over the years, and my mud men of course!

I did my best to mimic at least the colors and general ideas from this pretty bottle. I'm pretty happy with it.

Thanks so much for looking. Please make sure you stop back in a couple days to see my next mani. Oh, I have so much catching up to do!! :D

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