Friday, June 12, 2015

52 Week Pick n Pix Challenge - Lilac and Pink Rose Nail Art

Wooooooo! First of all, yay it's FRIDAY! I'm telling you what: I need this weekend sooo bad. So bad. I'm back at it today with the 52 Week Pick n Mix. This week is Roses + Pink and Lilac, so I threw a little white in there too and rocked out the dots as well! I busted out my newest lilac polish from Wet n Wild's Silver Lake Collection for my base.

I added my roses freehand using Nicole by OPI Ama-Zing! and did the detail using essie marshmallow (because it's sheer, so it turned light pink), and used Pure Ice SuperStar! for the white detail in the roses and the dots on my accent nails.

Here is what Wet n Wild Reject the Mainstream looks like all by itself. It's a really pretty dusty lavender cream. It was nice and opaque too, this is two coats.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Have a great weekend everyone!

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