Monday, June 15, 2015

Dolphins Pond Manicure with Mash-35 Stamping Plate

Hi everyone! I'm really waiting for the last minute over here to post this one. I am such a horrible procrastinator anymore. The funny thing is, I did this mani over a week ago, but just waited until the absolute last minute to post it! I've been spending a lot of time working around the house...and maybe playing video games instead of typing up blog posts. ;) Anyway, our prompt for the first half of the month for Stamp One, Stamp All Ten was Aqua and Teal/ Pond Mani/ Beach Vacation. That is sure a specific prompt, but they work well together and I came up with this one pretty quickly.

The hardest part was the teal jelly. I only have one and it is filled with glitter and just wouldn't work with my idea, so I found the thinnest teal polish I had and hoped for the best. This is an unnamed polish from Black Poppy (sold at Pacific Sunwear stores). It is slightly shimmery and a bit too opaque for the pond mani technique, but I made it work! I did two coats of teh Black Poppy polish, and then stamped a couple dolphins on each nail using Konad Special White. After I let it dry, I added a thin coat of the Black Poppy polish, waited for that to dry, and stamped some white dolphins on top.

Because the polish was on the opaque side, I opted not to do more than one coat, so I only have two layers, but I still consider it to be a pond mani. ;) I hope you all like my mani for this challenge. Please make sure to check back in a few days. I'll have another post for you soon.

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