Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Rainbow Honey December 2015 Mystery Bag

Good morning and happy hump day! :D Today, I finally have my Rainbow Honey mystery bag from December! They changed up their packaging a little bit - look at how cute the bag is that this came in!

I received two polishes, a mini perfume, and a little tub of shea and cocoa butter for my thirsty skin! I swatched both polishes and added a bit of stamping just to mix things up a little.

First, I have Majestic Bluewhale. Look at the gorgeous blue shimmer magical colors! It truly is majestic and is very reminiscent of ocean water. Below, I added a little bit of stamping using BM-XL25 and Mundo de Unas Spring Green.

Next up, we have Rainbow Honey Smokey Creme. This polish was a bit disappointing. It was terribly separated when it arrived, and no matter how much I shook it, rolled it, etc., it just would not mix back up. So, as you can see in my swatch, there were tiny specks of white where the white had separated itself from the color. I added some pretty stamping anyway. :D This is plate BPL-028 and Mundo de Unas Nabu.

Thank you so much for looking! I am already swatching my January mystery bag. I fell super behind with my blogging over the holiday. /(><)\ I'm trying to get back at it, and have soooo many manis done and just waiting to post! Anyway, I'll be back Friday for the Nail Tarts' challenge. Yay!

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