Sunday, October 4, 2015

Unicorns & Glitter! Progressive Nail Art

I did some nail art inspired by Progressive Insurance and Flo again! This was for an event at work, and I'm so much more stoked on this one than I was on my first Progressive nail art attempt. I have definitely improved since then. :)

I used my limited edition Zoya polish - Progressive Blue for the base. I was so excited when I got this polish. I actually bought two of these with the intention of giving one away to one of my lovely readers...but unfortunately, when I opened up the bottle to start painting this mani, I discovered this.

The other bottle is, thankfully, intact, but I used it, and can't bring myself to part with it. :( So...a giveaway will not be happening at this point unless I can get my hands on another bottle. We shall see. Anyway, on to the nail art! After painting my base, I stamped on a few images. The unicorn image is from Mash-39, and the dots and chevrons are from BM-423. I used Konad Special White for all of the stamping and freehand images. I freehanded Flo's silhouette and the P. I really wanted to include the unicorns and glitter because it is one of my favorite flo-isms. So, you know I had to add some glitter. I used Butter London Chuffed and Zoya Snowsicle to add a little sparkle. The orange dots on my little finger are Zoya Arizona. I added a little gem at the cuticle on the nail with the unicorn because I thought that Flo would probably do the same thing, lol.

Here is what Progressive Blue looks like on it's own. It's super pretty and bright. Oh, and the formula is fantastic too. It's super opaque - a one coater! I haven't tried yet, but I'm thinking this will be great for stamping!

This one was super fun to do. I loved that I finally got to use the LE polish I bought. If I end up being able to get another bottle, that giveaway I hinted at on instagram will happen. I'll let you all know! Thank you so much for looking. I'll have some sweet new nail art for you guys in a couple days! ;)

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