Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Pretty & Polished Autumn Love Story + MDU Stamping

Hello! Happy hump day! I got my first Pretty & Polished colors ever last week, AND my first MdUs, so I decided I needed to combine them into a pretty, autumnal manicure. :) I got a bunch of colors (NINE!) from pretty and polished, so I'm really excited to start using them. Oh...and I may have gotten 22 MdUs as well. Heehee - I needed all the colors!

So, the first polish I used from Pretty & Polished is called Autumn Love Story. It's super pretty. It's base is a mauve with iridescent shimmer, and it has tiny red, gold, and purple glitter and larger orange hex glitters in it. It's what most people would describe as a crelly. It's thin so you can see the glitters in it, but thick enough so that it built up in just two coats. I did two coats here, and no top coat. It dried to a satiny finish.

Since my MdUs had just arrived, I pretty much HAD to stamp over this, so I used Mundo de Unas Red wine and CICI&SISI plate 21 to add this sort of plaid pattern over top.

Well, that is all I have for you today! I'll be back Friday for this week's challenge post for 40 Great Nail Art Ideas. I'm pretty stoked on this one, too!

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