Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I'm Thinking of a Baby Chick

Hi everyone! Today I am taking my Earth Day mani for the stamping group that I joined in a bit of a different direction. Earth Day is also my little sister's birthday, and I did a manicure in her honor because she is the sweetest, funniest, most amazing sister in the whole world. :) It's funny, when we were kids, I didn't always think so, but I was not mature enough to see . As we have grown older, and I see what a beautiful, smart, talented, compassionate, and thoughtful woman she has become, I realize I'm the luckiest sister on the planet. My sister is my best friend.

You may be wondering why the odd title. My sister will know the minute she sees it, but I'll explain it to the rest of you because it's totally cute (sorry, Kate). When we were little, and going on long car trips, we would play all sorts of games to keep entertained. My parents played this guessing game with us called "I'm Thinking of an Animal". It would start with one of us saying "I'm Thinking of an Animal", and then we each took turns asking yes or no questions (does it have fur?, is it cold-blooded?, etc.). It's similar to the game a lot of people call "Yes and No", but ours was specifically animals, so there was no animal, vegetable, mineral guesses. Anyway, My sister was very little (maybe 4 years old) and was really great at guessing, but when she decided she wanted to have us guess her animal, she said "I'm thinking of a baby chick". So, of course, my dad asked "Is it a baby chick?" and she was all surprised that he guessed it. It was really cute, and she was just a bit too little to grasp the concept of the game at first, but realized her mistake after the fact. She was super smart even then. AND she went on to give us a pretty good challenge a few times on that car trip after that! This manicure is to honor her baby chick. I used PUEEN47 for the chick image. The gradient was done using Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow and Lemon Zest, and the background stamp is from PUEEN46.

Kate, I wish you a very happy birthday, and I love you so much! Thank you everyone for looking. Have a beautiful day!

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