Friday, March 27, 2015

52 Week Pick n Mix Challenge - Stained Glass + Pink and Orange

I am combining prompts again this week with a pop art style stained glass manicure that has pink and orange, and bunch of other pretty bright colors in it. I have been desperate for bright colors lately because I am just itching for Spring to finally get here. It is so gray and dreary I just can't stand it! We have had some sunny weather, so I know it's not too far away. I just want to be WARM again! :) So anyway, I created this pop art stained glass manicure using PUEEN36.

I made decals with the image using Konad Special Black, then colored in all of the spaces with Nicole by OPI Be Ama-zing!, OPI Do You Have This Color In Stockholm?, Julep Donna & Francis, Barielle Joytini, and Zoya Pippa.

These took a pretty long time, but most of it was waiting, so you know I was multitasking. I have three stampers now, so I was able to create 3 decals at once, and while I waited for those to dry, I painted my nails white so the colors would pop, then went about cleaning, doing laundry, and whatnot around the house. I went back to them several hours later, applied them, trimmed the edges, and added topcoat. Then, I created my last two decals. I let them dry overnight, and put them on in the morning before work. ;) Oh, and then I had to be REALLY careful all day not to chip them so that I could photograph them when I got home. This is the life of a nail art blogger who has a day job. I think I need to just buy two more stampers so that I can do a whole and of decals at once! ;)

Thank you for stopping by today! I hope you liked my pop art stained glass manicure! Please make sure you check out what everyone else did for this week's prompts.

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