Tuesday, August 12, 2014

July Julep It Girl Box

Look at me, actually posting my July swatches in July. Wow, it's amazing what I can get done when I am not over my head with two different challenges going on at once! I love getting things in the mail, especially when it is nailpolish! When this one came, I was so excited to be getting 4 polishes instead of the usual three. I cashed in some Jules for an add-on and got more swatching stickers, too.

I'm starting with the blue polish called Linden, because it just happens to be the first one I wore. It is a perfect pool blue cream. It only took two thin coats, and went on nice and smooth. Sorry for the poor photo quality. It was late, and I had too much caffeine. That means I was shaking like crazy.

Julep Linden

Next, we have my least favorite of the bunch, Dawn. I have a rough time with yellows. I wouldn't have bought this color on it's own, but since I couldn't live without Linden and the next polish I'm about to show you, it is now a part of my collection. It's not bad, but yellows just have the worst formula. I will say that this one was not as bad as most, though.

Julep Dawn

The last polish in this It Girl set is Braiden, another one of the Stardust finish polishes that I adore. Sparkly-matte goodness in a bottle. :)

Julep Braiden
Julep Braiden

Last, we have Lissa. This is my add-on. When I saw it, I had to have it. I have such a weakness for teal, and it is a great summer color.It's perfect - this is two coats.

Julep Lissa

I did some nail art with these colors since they all looked so good together. It turned out pretty good - simple art with dots is always good. :)

Yay! Now that my swatching for the month is out of the way, you will get some nail art!

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