Thursday, May 15, 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday - Texture

Hi everyone! This is a fast lunch break post - work is killing me lately! My textured manicure is coming to you in the form of a glitter and a crackle. I didn't have any old/unused textured polishes. The glitter for this manicure is one I've had since my birthday last year and still hadn't ever busted out: Butter London Rosie Lee. The crackle over the top is from AVON. I've had it for a good three years and the fad came and went so quickly, I never even had a chance to try it! I was a little bummed out because AVON called this polish Mosaic Effects, and the picture on the bottle was of a jagged, squarish crackle, so I had hoped that maybe this one would be different from regular crackle polish. It was not, but nevertheless, here it is!

 Here are a few shots of it as well with the flash on.

And this is Rosie Lee all by herself. I did three thin coats of polish to get it opaque. I love all the sparkle!

Well that is all - I have to get back to work! Make sure you take a look at what the other girls did for this challenge!

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