Sunday, February 9, 2014

Nail-Art-A-Go-Go Challenge Day 9 - Inner Geek

As you all know, when I geek out, it is on video games. But since I don't have a new video game to be inspired by, I decided to go with something else that I have missed these past several years due to school: Books! College kind of ruined reading for me for a while, but now that I am done, I have been enjoying it again. So here's to books! Yay!

The base of the manicure is a new polish I got for Christmas: butter LONDON Cream Tea. The rest of the colors I used are listed below.

The polishes used in this mani were: China Glaze Desert Sun, Exotic Encounters & Prey Tell, Essie Marshmallow, Sephora by OPI What a Broad, and Julep Dendrie. Here is Cream Tea all by itself.

Thanks for looking! Here is what everyone else came up with today!