Thursday, February 20, 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday - Chevron

Today's post is not my best work, but it's all I can do and still keep up with this challenge. You would think I wouldn't have trouble managing only one mani a week! This poor manicure was just riddled with problems and finally I just accepted the imperfection. I started out with high hopes, too. First, I shall show you the polishes I decided to pair up for this.

This is China Glaze Prey Tell and L'oreal The Temptress' Power. In the bottles next to each other, this looked like a great idea to me. Unfortunately it did not translate so well onto the nail. :( Wahhhhh! I started off with two coats of Prey Tell. Then I pulled out a cutter that I bought for scrapbooking to make my chevrons only to find that what they referred to as zigzag was actually just wavy. Grrr. So then, I thought I would just cut the tape by hand. About ten minutes in, I gave up and decided to just freehand it. That is when I discovered that once painted over Prey Tell, The Temptress's Power lost all of it's tan/gold color and became very green/almost yellow. By then it was about 7pm, and since I wanted to get this in before midnight, I just went with it. So, here you go. I'm going to have to do a proper chevron mani with colors that actually look good together at a later date. haha

Here is Prey Tell all by its self. It's a beautiful, rich, warm brown cream. It makes me want chocolate. :) And, like every China Glaze polish I own, it goes on like a dream.

Alright, well that post was a bit more complain-y than I intended, but it's past my bedtime and I need my beauty sleep. I hope you all have a great night and a happy Friday since most of you won't see this until then! Make sure you check out what everyone else did, too!


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