Thursday, January 23, 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday - Blue

Oh dear. I should have paid attention to what was next when I did my stripes last week because I had to really dig to find an old blue that I haven't shared and didn't share last week! I love blues, so I tend to use them all at least once. Well, I have another high-school polish from Pure Ice which I have never used on this blog, but which is waaayyy more than half-empty because I love it so much! Iris is more of a topper and has to be worn over another polish. On it's own, it is extremely sheer. I decided to try my hand at stamping with it to see how it turned out.

And, it turned out AMAZING. I broke out my new Red Angel plates and had MUCH more success this time. The image stamped perfectly; my only complaint is that they are small images, which don't fit on my nails at this length, but I filled in the gaps with some freehand, so you would probably never know if I didn't tell you. They are slightly bigger than the images on Bundle Monster plates, and smaller than Mash plate images. This particular image is from RA-107, and I LOVE it. It is so pretty.

Now, I sort-of cheated a little because I had to wear a dark polish underneath to make it pop, and the polish I used was a new polish I got for Christmas - butter London Royal Navy. I only did that because I felt like I could 'kill two birds with one stone' and get Royal Navy swatched at the same time, so that I can show it off later. :P

I did an accent nail with just Pure Ice Iris over butter London Royal Navy , so that you can see how awesome it is on its own. Iridescent beauty right there. Oh, I love it.

Well, there you have it, Pure Ice Iris - a hidden gem in my Melmer, that I should have busted out on this blog earlier and didn't. Make sure you check out what pretty blues all the others have to share for today!


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