Wednesday, September 18, 2013

August Julep It Girl Box

Hello! I know it's been ages and that I have been starting every post with an apology lately, but I am just so busy enjoying summer and haven't been doing my nails as much as usual. When the sun disappears for 8 months, I will be back, I'm sure. :) So anyway, I have some pretty Julep polishes to show you, which I just finally swatched at 3 days ago, because I have been enjoying myself on vacation, and basically boycotted the computer for the past 2 weeks.

First, here is the pretty packaging. I swear, sometimes this is my favorite part! It feels like Christmas when these boxes arrive. :)

The colors are pretty dark, (too dark for August), so I quickly swatched them and will break them back out once it is steadily cold outside. :) The first color I am showing you is my favorite of the bunch.

This is Marjorie. It is a really pretty shimmery orange, that makes me think of fall. The problem is, I don't want to think about fall, so I didn't wear it for long. It's gorgeous though and went on smoothly, so I will be playing with this one come October for sure!

Next up is Nellie. This is a nice raspberry shade and is an opaque cream. It will be great for nail art this fall/winter, so you will probably be seeing it again. This went on pretty smoothly as well, although it did take three coats to get nice, even coverage.

And last, but not least (just darkest) is Fiore. I know I will be in love with this one come winter, but right now, it's just too drab. I want bright, sparkly things, for just a little while longer. This color was probably the nicest in the bunch in terms of application. It went on very smoothly, and only required two coats! It dried super shiny too, which I really loved.

I chose to skip the September box because I just didn't like enough of the colors, but I have a whole bunch of other things to show off, so I'll be posting again as soon as I have the chance. School started again three weeks ago. This will be my final semester (at least until I enroll in grad school), and I am just SO over it. :) Hopefully it will go by fast, and then I can relax because I will be a graduate with a beautiful bachelor's degree, and then it will be Christmas! Oh my god, you guys, I am already looking forward to Christmas! What is wrong with me??!! :) I'll try to post again within a week. I have some pretty vacation pics, and I'll show you the simple, but pretty, manicure I wore while I was there!

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