Friday, June 28, 2013

June Tri Polish Challenge = Red + Pink + Purple - Day 4

I should seriously change the name of my blog to 'Better Late Than Never' because it's my favorite thing to say. BUT, I did have the mani done on Thursday, I just didn't have it in me to edit the pics and write the blog post last night after it was done because I really needed to get to bed after 2 days straight of studying and finals. I was exhausted! So for this mani, I had this idea in my head that did not work out so well in practice, but since I am short one time, you are getting the first attempt. I still think that this could be successful, just maybe with colors that contrast a bit more, and maybe with more time. :)

So here is the obligatory bottle shot so that you can see the three bottles of polish that have been getting more use in the past 2 weeks than they EVER have before.

And here is mani I came up with. I started off with two coats of Misa Party In The Masquerade, then created my own stencils using masking tape and one of the many scrapbooking punchers that I have. My first thought was that it would be super cool to sponge around the butterfly image, but I failed miserably and just didn't have enough energy to try again. SO, I decided to just sponge onto through the stencil that was left after I punched out the butterflies. Side note: haha I just said 'punched out the butterflies' I'm violent today! :P

So there you have it. I will be trying this again, because I am convinced that I can make it work. I just need better colors and more time! I have one more final which is a 90 minute timed test with 3 essay questions. It sounds horrible, so I saved it for last. Wish me luck - I'm taking it tonight so that I can enjoy my weekend.