Saturday, February 13, 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Love

Hey everyone. Today's mani is a bit of a fail in my opinion, but I'm showing it anyway because it's all I've got. I wanted to make some decals, so started looking for lovey sort of images to stamp with. I loved this image of an elderly couple walking together from one of my CICI&SISI plates, and then found a cute heart pattern to go with it.

I really struggled with the colors, and found myself wishing I had not gone for pink and purple afterward, but ah well. They do look pretty together. I used Zoya Lola and Isa. The next bad choice I made, was when I added the hearts on the nail with the elderly couple. They came from CICI&SISI plate 05, and the heart design is from PUEEN43. I should have just put them on there and nothing else. They kind of get lost in the background. I was basically just a mess when I did these haha.

Here is what Zoya Lola looks like on it's own. It's a lovely hot pink with blue shimmer. I did two coats here and one coat of Seche Vite.

Thank you so much for looking. Make sure you take a peek at the nails every one else did. There is bound to be a ton of Valentine's Day inspiration! I'll be back next Friday with a proper Valentine's Day mani.

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