Thursday, November 15, 2012

10 Day/Week...OK MONTH! Challenge - Favorite Freehand Nail Art Design

Oh man, I'm starting to worry I won't finish this in ten months now. What a disaster! I just get so distracted with other things and don't want to follow what this challenge tells me to do. :) But, I was actually really excited to do this one because it was inspired by one of the first bloggers I ever read religiously - Little Nails! I am so impressed by her skills with a striper. Her lines are so straight, its insane. I had to wait for my hand to stay steady for me, but I think it worked out.

She did this awesome little mani a while back featuring chevrons, framed nails, and hearts. Oh my! It looked great, so I practiced my striping and chevron-making skills, so that I could pay my homage to it. I used different colors because I like to pick colors that I have never had the chance to use yet. So here it is!

I used Spoiled Black Mamba for my base color, and then added my frames with Zoya Dannii. After that, I made my chevrons and hearts using L.A. Colors Atomic, which I really love. It is a fabulous teal. :) Here is Spoiled Black Mamba by itself.

So what do you think? Mine isn't as perfect as hers, but I'm sure with more practice I will get there. Thanks for looking!

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